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Youth Employment and Skills Training (YEAST)

In 2013 a visit to Motueka by the then-Mayor of Otorohanga Dale Williams sparked ideas about finding ways of improving the availability of meaningful jobs for our young people, as had been done in Otorohanga.

While the potential project sat on the back burner for three years, Vision Motueka in 2016 decided to conduct research and an information gathering process aiming to identify all the skills training facilities already available to Motueka people, and all of the existing organisations which offer such training.

This Phase I work resulted in a substantial report written by a trustee, Linda Glew. You can download and view the Phase I report here. It als led to a four-hour Pro-action Cafe event on March 29th 2017, professionally facilitated and involving as many interested parties - including youth themselves and Motueka business owners - as possible.

In Phase II, through 2017 we drew together several stakeholders to set up a framework for further development, aiming to make a "business case for contracting a skilled analyst/planner (a Youth Engagement Worker) to engage with potential youth leaders and organisations and form a sustainable Youth Action Group. The core Yeast team that finally began meeting and working included Linda Glew. Lani Evans, Paul Johnson and Jane Henderson. We received a grant from Network Tasman of $2000 toward this contract work, and Lani Evans was able to add a further $1000 to that from Tasman District Council's youth engagement fund.

In 2018 the plan reached fruition with the employment of one such part-time worker, Anna Hughes. Her task list for the first 100 hours (2-3 months) was as follows:
* Recruit a diverse group of young people (17 to early 20s) to participate in a youth action group.
* Plan an event to bring the Youth Action Group together for form a steering group that can participate in directing the next stages of the project.
* Develop a map of current training, work experiences and resources in the Motueka District.
* With the results of the mapping exercise develop platform(s) with the support of the Youth Action Group that enables access and engagement.
* Scope the current learning spaces in the Motueka District that can be used for young peoples' learning.
* With the youth action group explore other appropriate youth learning environments.
* Provide evidence in a variety of forms that can 'story' the process of engagement and exploration with the youth action group.
* Feedback and review the activities of this contract on a regular basis with YEAST committee, the youth action group and to Vision Motueka Board.

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