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Motueka Photo Library project

Vision Motueka is building and maintaining a library of high-quality photos showing the beauty, environment, culture and people of Motueka, for free use by organisations that want to promote the town and surrounding area.

Selections from the photo library are being used by the two local cinemas (for pre-movie displays). The library is available to businesses and organisations in Motueka which have facilities to show them to their customers or visitors as slideshows on a screen. They can also be used by not-for-profit websites that promote Motueka such as i-Site, Our Town Motueka, Motueka Online and the public library.

The photos were (and are still being taken) by local photographers who wish to participate, especially those who belong to the Motueka Camera Club and SeniorNet's Digital Image group.

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Motueka photos

We have a selection from the library of photos of Motueka for view on this page. Feel free to scan them. If you click on any, a larger (but still relatively low resolution) copy will be displayed. There are more that 150 photos in the library as of September 2013 - if you are interested in seeing others, please email David or email Liz to arrange a viewing.

PLEASE NOTE: All these images are available to copy for other websites as long as those websites are NOT FOR COMMERCIAL GAIN. We would appreciate it if you request permission to use them, by emailing