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Motueka Music Network project

This project aims to develop and maintain a database (and front-end website) of all music teachers, performers, facilities, venues and events that are available in and around Motueka, enabling people interested in learning music, using facilities or attending events to easily find the information. It's address is

It is the brainchild of a recent immigrant to Motueka, Eugenie Piozin-Belloir, who had been trying to find out where she could get music lessons for her children. Eugenie approached Vision Motueka for help and Vision gladly got on board.

Eugenie and the website's home page

This site enables all teachers, performers and promoters of music to network more effectively with each other, and in time the network will help make music facilities in the town used more efficiently, promote Motueka as a community with a strong musical culture, and perhaps mount musical events or festivals.

Website profressional Andre Ismael (Lightstyle) designed and built the site at a highly discounted rate. With some funding from private sources and Tasman Creative Communities, it went live on August 2nd 2013. Read the article about this here. Andre continues to improve the site's functionality.

Music teachers and performers initially were asked to contribute a small amount as a donation to help get the site going, in exchange for a bio/listing of their teaching services on the site. This was then extended to all performing musicians and businesses and venues that hire performers.

A music quiz night at Hotel Motueka in May 2014 allowed the committee to make the final payments for the website creation, for which Andre had charged a heavily discounted rate. Creative Communities Tasman (TDC) also assisted with a grant.

The Motueka Music Fiesta was put on in January 2015 at Riverside Cafe, and the relaxed and happy event raised $565 to be used to add an interactive events calendar to the site. The committee is now planning for at least tow further music-centered events for 2015, including a "Meet the Teachers / Try out an Instrument" gathering. More details will be posted here when they are finalised.

As of June 2016, this project has been spun off into a separate entity to carry on the administration of the website.

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A fundraising event at Riverside Cafe, January 2015.