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Community Christmas Dinner

This project team organises and hosts a midday Christmas Day meal in Memorial Hall for Motueka's struggling families, solo parents, people living alone, or anyone who would like to share their Christmas meal with other people.

The inaugural dinner was held in 2013. The main organising body is a committee run mainly by members of several Motueka churches.

The project idea was formulated by several members of the St Andrews Uniting Church congregation, who sought a partnership agreement with Vision Motueka to help them get started.

The first event in 2013 was very successful and widely praised. The people initially invited to the event were people who normally may be somewhat isolated from the mainstream of community or struggling financially, and this is a good way of bringing them together in a social setting for a free meal, show that the community cares, and bring volunteers from across the community together while working on a common activity. About 230 attended a very happy and vibrant event, including volunteer servers, cooks, entertainers and attendants.

The funding is fully from the community and businesses, in cash donations and donated food and decorations etc. Vision Motueka no longer plays an active part in this project team, which now has its own bank account.

The 2014 event was attended by about 240 people who had booked (anyone can make a booking) so that catering was for a known number. There were more entertainers putting on a variety of items during and between courses.

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Scene from the 2013 event.

Volunteers at the 2014 dinner.