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#LoveMotueka family event

Read the report of this event here »

The month-long Motueka 2030 programme will kick off with a family-friendly activities event at Motueka Memorial Hall on Sunday May 3rd from 10.00am to 3.00pm.

The theme and purpose is to promote the sentiment of appreciating and loving your town and your community.

  • What do you love about Motueka?
  • And what more could be done by us as residents, community groups and our local government bodies to make it even better?

We also want the #LoveMotueka event to help start the conversation among youth and adults about Motueka now and in the future.

Making a stronger town together must start with acknowledging our present situation - both the good points and shortcomings and challenges. Knowing where we are now allows us to look for workable opportunities for improvement.


Drop in to Memorial Hall at any time between 10am and 3pm. There will be simple refreshments available through the time, and a free sausage sizzle over the lunch period for those taking part.

While you're their, whether you're alone, in couples or with families, we will encourage you to write on sheets of paper what you love about Motueka and what could be done to make it even better. Talk about it amongst yourselves and families - let the children have their say too!

We will also have a '20 Questions' voting facility. There will be 20 Yes/No questions about issues and things which are often talked about and debated in the town, and you will be able to put your pebble in the containers showing your own opinions.

Children will have several activities to keep them happy, one of which will be for them to paint or draw what they think Motueka may look like when they become grown ups. There will be some fun, challenging games and probably face painting.

All in all, this will be day for thinking and talking about what the town means to you, and what could be done to make it stronger into the future. No pressure, no pre-determined ideas - just a casual way of showing what you think.

Everyone who takes part will be entered into a prize draw to be made at the end of the first full week of May.

And for those who want to consider more options, we will have available a questionnaire through which you can rank ideas for future development. This questionnaire will be offered to all residents throughout the month of May.

For more information, email, or phone (03) 528 4046.

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