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Motueka Economic Summit - The Sequel

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'Business as usual' is not on the agenda at the Motueka Economic Summit being planned for May, a follow up to the hugely successful local business event held in August 2014.

Four speakers and subsequent discussion forums will feature at the summit sequel, with topics being some of the challenges and opportunities faced by many local firms in the fast-changing business environment.

Last August about 130 business and community leaders attended an over-subscribed economic summit, titled "Toward 2030: A Better Future for Motueka", and hailed by most who attended as one of the biggest forward-looking events in Motueka for many years.

Eight speakers provided information about the state of their particular business and industry sectors, along with some ideas and opinions about future development of the town's economic health.

However, some who attended have wondered 'what next?' and were hoping for some sort of follow-up which may lead to action, says Vision Motueka chairman David Armstrong.

"Quite a few people since then have told me how much they appreciated the summit meeting and that it had sparked interest in ideas to make things better. Of course, big changes don't happen overnight or unilaterally, so we have put together another programme to carry thoughts forward.

"This time, we will use Memorial Hall as the venue, and have speakers who will offer thoughts not on specific industries but on challenges that affect all businesses these days and the opportunities that result."

Speakers will be:

  • Johny O'Donnell, a young online entrepreneur, on the challenge of use by businesses of online media,
  • Marion Edwin, a specialist in ergonomics and access for all, on employment of an ageing workforce,
  • Scott Haines, High School principal, on job and skills training available at the school for young people
  • Iain Sheves, a Wakatu property manager, on Wakatu's plans for the West Motueka development.

The talks will be followed by break-out discussion groups on the four topics. Those attending can choose two of the four topics which interest them most. This will be the opportunity to find out more from the speakers, and to canvas ideas and innovations related to their topics.

The free summit is open to anyone, not just businesses, but pre-registration is necessary to gain entry. This can be done online via this link.

For more information, email, or phone (03) 528 4046.

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