Working to make a vibrant, progressive, sustainable, healthy and resilient Motueka for present and future generations

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[Charities number: CC49713]

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Our policies and operating charter

  • All decisions should be made with full regard for the three pillars of the community (economic/business, social/cultural, environmental/health).
  • All projects set by the group should aim to be sustainable on balance - economically, environmentally and across generations.
  • All decisions and activities of the group should aim to entail community engagement, inclusivity and positivity. They should be aimed at partnerships as well as leadership.
  • The group will not be used to advance the causes or agendas of political groups, special interest groups or particular businesses.
  • All decisions and projects should be mindful of the needs of visitors/tourists and residents, and urban and rural residents alike. For example, they should not be to the detriment of residents while attracting tourists, or vice versa. And consideration should be given to residents of nearby rural communities which use Motueka as their services hub.
  • In principle we will avoid competing for resources with other community groups, and will communicate with them to ensure this is the case.
  • Special effort should be put into including input from and engagement with the younger demographic, as they will be the ones who will see the fruit of many developments.
  • Acknowledgement should always be made of those of the older generation who have built so much of the community already.
  • Participation and involvement will be sought from local iwi and key Maori organisations such as Wakatu Inc.
  • All discussions within the group should be inclusive of all members' ideas, even though final decisions and actions may not necessarily include those ideas.

The role of the Trustees

The Trustees (those Board members who are not representatives of other organisations) manage finances, provide long term vision / oversight and attend as required to more technical / legal matters concerning projects and finances.

It is understood that, as Trustees have personally signed the Trust Deed, they retain accountability for the integrity of projects finally selected and their proposed processes as well as their finances. The Chair has the casting vote on split decisions (as is noted in the Trust Deed).

The role of the Board

The Board propose and plan projects and other initiatives, consider project ideas which are provided by people who are not Board members, and choose which ones Vision Motueka will become involved in, according to the group's financial, manpower and time availability resources.

The Board monitors the progress of all projects which Vision Motueka is either leading or involved in, and acquaints itself from time to time with projects in the community that are being run by other groups.

The Board corresponds and collaborates with the organisations which have representatives on the Board, to ensure that each is familiar with what the other is doing. The Board may also lobby the Motueka Community Board and Tasman District Council on selected matters.