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[Charities number: CC49713]

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About Vision Motueka Development Trust

Vision Motueka was started as an informal group early in 2012, and in December of that year it was incorporated as a Charitable Trust. In September 2013 it was officially registered and approved as a Charity [Charities number: CC49713].

In October 2014 its name was changed to Vision Motueka Development Trust and its Board increased in size and constitution, in order to facilitate partnerships with other community organisations.

It can be difficult to explain what we are and how we differ from other community groups, but we try to explain it as follows. We see ourselves as a "strategic community development group" that researches, assists, supports and connects Motueka's volunteers, community leaders and organisations, large and small (and including TDC and the Community Board), to work together or with us on projects that help build a better connected and stronger town.

If we identify development projects that we believe further our goals, and we find no other people or groups willing or able to tackle those projects, then we see if we have the manpower and other resources to do them ourselves. And if we have, then we develop projects in a systematic and sustainable way. Alternatively, we seek out partners to work on a collaborative effort.

We also consider requests from other people and groups who ask us to support their project ideas; and if we have the resources to help and the ideas fit our mission, then we partner with them to advance those projects. In certain cases in the past (eg, Motueka Kai Fest, Boomerang Bags), we have acted as an "umbrella" entity for a new initiative to assist them to become a new working entity of their own.

To find out more about our specific goals and how we operate, please view the following pages:


Our consitution requires that only people registered as "members" can vote at our Annual General Meetings for people to become trustees. Anyone who supports the general principles that underlie Vision Motueka's objectives (see the three links above this subheading) can become a member; and there are no membership fees or subs or any other obligations whatsoever. (We tend to refer the people on the membership list as "Friends of Vision").

Members receive a regular email newsletter and occasional notices of important events coming up, and very occasionally we may circulate an email with a specific call for help, such as for a fundraising event like a Quiz Night. We also have over 360 Facebook users (who follow our page) who see regular posts about developments relevant to our work. Non-members may still receive our newsletters and view our Facebook page - they just cannot vote at our AGM.

Board of Trustees

Our trustees (following the February 2018 AGM) are:
  -  David Armstrong (Chair and Treasurer)
  -  Linda Glew (Secretary)
  -  Joni Tomsett
  -  Chrissie Harley
  -  Anna Hughes

(There are three vacancy at present. Contact us if you are interested in joining the team.)

How it works - The structure of the Board, Trustees, Partnerships and Project Teams.

  • There are up to 7 Trustees who are elected or appointed. They are legally responsible and liable for the activities of the Vision Motueka Development Trust, especially its financial affairs.
  • From time to time Vision Motueka will take part in joint projects with other community groups, in either an active partnership or a more passive or subordinate support role. Specific members of the Board will often be actively engaged (as our representatives) in such partnerships, but these projects will usually be run by other groups, and will not be "Vision Motueka projects". In some of these joint ventures, we sign a Memorandum of Understanding with our partner(s).
  • Whenever Vision runs a project of its own, it will form a project team in which at least one Board member will take an active part, possibly even a leadership role. The remainder of people in project teams may be non-Board members, chosen for their intrinsic interest in the project itself.

Trust Deed or Constitution

Download and view our formal Trust Deed here »

A summary of our goals and operation

We have a two-sided A4 information pamphlet which summarises the key points of this website. You can download and view it here »