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Vision Motueka has closed down

As of May 13th 2020, Vision Motueka has been closed down.
This website will close down on June 6th 2020.

At our AGM on March 19th 2020, it was decided that Vision Motueka will be wound down in coming months. After 9 years of mounting many community development projects, there are now too few trustees to continue operating, so we will "pass off" our remaining project - on youth employment - to our partners Whenua Iti Outdoors. This website will close down on June 6th 2020.

For a fuller explanation of the situation, please take a few moments to read the chairman's report to the AGM, as follows:::

2019 for the Vision Motueka Development Trust saw a very small group of trustees make some big progress on our one remaining project - the Youth Employment and Skills Training initiative; but only in partnership with Whenua Iti Outdoors (WIO). Outside of this work, we have reached a major decision point in our voyage.

We began the year with our major goal being to get funding to pay a part-time contracted youth "connector" to coordinate and connect our youth with not only employment and training opportunities but also general engagement with the wider community. Given there were no affordable physical spaces (buildings) available to create a dedicated youth space, we chose to create a well-organised virtual youth space.

We applied for $20,000 each from two funders to achieve that contract but were granted $18,000 from just one (Rata Foundation), so we decided that the major goal was unachievable if it was to be done well. The trust then chose to use that money to sub-contract WIO to create a pilot programme called Motueka Vocational Pathways, to help selected young people into permanent jobs. The reasoning was that the money would be better spent enabling a professional, well-run organisation with a proven record in youth engagement and betterment, to maximise value for dollars. The programme was run with a fair degree of success (given it was a pilot) in November, and WIO plan to repeat it this year.

The trustees also decided that money left over from the previous year's work on the youth initiative, plus some carried-over underspend on the Mayor's Taskforce for Jobs, would be best used in helping to organise a Youth Employment Expo in 2020. This would entail a partnership with between five and ten other organisations which work in this area (including WIO, the high school, TDC to name a few). With about $7,000 left in our operations funds and reserves, and with contributions from other partners, an exceptional all-day expo event could be achieved. We would rely on the expertise of those partners to plan and run such a large-scale event.

The future of Vision Motueka

The above provides background for a decision made by trustees over the summer season. The number of active trustees after this meeting will be three, all of whom have significant governance and operational responsibilities in several other large community organisations (two are now on the Motueka Community Board). The project list has only one item, and as can be seen from the report above, this project now requires a large amount of resources and specific expertise. Furthermore, the tasks planned for this and subsequent years are already being addressed at least in part by other, far better equipped and resourced organisations. Our trustees agreed that it is time to hand over that work to those who can carry it forward.

The trustees therefore decided that Vision Motueka Development Trust will use the rest of its money to assist in the running of the youth employment expo later this year or in 2021, and provide support (but NOT leadership) in planning and running the event, and in the meantime close its operation as a charitable trust. In other words, cease to exist.

The three existing trustees will continue in their official roles until closure of operations, to ensure the winding up is done legally and correctly. This is expected to take a month or so.

As founding members, Linda Glew and I do not see this as in any way a failure of Vision Motueka. In its nine years of operation, the group has achieved many significant projects (and bombed out in a few). The achievements include:

  • painting four story-telling murals that are still admired,
  • advocating (successfully as of last year) for a new library and hub in Decks Reserve,
  • setting up and spinning off the Motueka Kai Fest,
  • umbrella'ing and spinning off the first Community Christmas Dinner and Boomerang Bags,
  • running the huge Motueka 2030 community consultation and its on-going influence,
  • maintaining a much-used community group contact online database,
  • running two economic summits,
  • and, of course, the challenging youth employment initiative.

Back at the start of the last decade, it was felt by many in town that the overall "mood" of Motueka was negative and complaining. I believe that Vision Motueka has played a strong role in altering the compass to see more people sharing a more progressive and positive vision of the district's future. Now the time has come for new journeys, but there is still time to reflect with some pride and satisfaction on the positive changes we have helped bring to Motueka.

My very sincere thanks go to the scores of people who have helped us with our projects over the past nine years, to the 20 or so people during that period who have played a governance role as trustees, and in particular to Linda for her support. And to the trustees in recent years who have helped us end to on a positive note.

David Armstrong Departing chairman.

This website will close down on June 6th 2020.